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Listener Feedback #2

Welcome faithful listener. You have found the Dune Saga Podcast Listener Feedback Show. In this episode, we read e-mail feedback from you and comment on it as well as take a look at some of the book’s less flattering reviews.

Special Coverage: Panel at Farpoint Con

Delighted to be asked to host a panel at the 2014 Farpoint Convention, the boys trek down to Maryland to host an entertaining talk on Dune. Joined by some passionate Duneheads in the audience the conversation takes some fun twists and turns.

The Dune Saga Podcast #4: House Atreides

In this fourth episode of The Dune Saga Podcast, the guys take a close look at Dune: House Atreides. They discuss many aspects of this work by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson including plot points, characters, likes and dislikes, as well as speculate on what future installments may include.

Dune in Ten: House Atreides

Perhaps it has been a while since you last read Dune: House Atreides, or perhaps there are parts you may have forgotten. Fear not, Dune Saga Podcast faithful, David has, once again, done what no one would think is possible. He has taken a very long and complicated story and rendered it down in a summary that you can listen to in ten minutes.

Listener Feedback #1

Listener feedback is growing, and so are we. In this first edition of our Listener Feedback show, we read e-mails from you, our listeners and discuss the excellent points raised by you. As always, we love hearing from you and encourage you to continue to let us know your thoughts on the books we are reading, or on our show.

The Dune Saga Podcast #3: The Battle of Corrin

David, Scott and Jim gather once again for a discussion of Dune: The Battle of Corrin, the third and final book of The Legends of Dune series by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

Dune in Ten: The Battle of Corrin

Has it been a while since you read Battle of Corrin? Have you forgotten some plot points, or perhaps need some clarification? On this edition of Dune in Ten, David will take you through the entire book in ten minutes or less.

The Dune Saga Podcast #2: The Machine Crusade

You are invited to join David, Scott, and Jim as we take a close look at Dune: The Machine Crusade, the second in the Legends of Dune trilogy by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. We discuss our favorite plot points, the growth and development of the characters, and reveal some of our favorite quotes from the book.

Dune in Ten: The Machine Crusade

Are you needing a quick recap of the latest book featured on The Dune Saga Podcast? Well you’ve come to the right place because in ten minutes, David will give you a concise summary of Dune: The Machine Crusade by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Listen to this summary to refresh your memory as you prepare for our main show. David, like Shai-Hulud, will light your way.

The Dune Saga Podcast #1: The Butlerian Jihad

Welcome to our review and discussion on the first book in the Legends of Dune series, Dune: The Butlerian Jihad by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert. In this podcast, David, Scott, and Jim discuss over all thoughts on the book, how it lines up to Frank Herbert’s Dune, our expectations of the book, favorite moments and quotes, our ratings, and responding to listener feedback.