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Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 1.39.04 PMScott Hertzog – A teacher and lover of all things science fiction (well, most things anyway), he remembers three defining moments in his scifi career.  When he was six, he remembers watching Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island on a little black and white TV and the big bees totally wigging him out.  Later, he had a librarian at his middle school hand him a copy of Andre Norton’s Galactic Derelict; it radically changed his life.  From then on he consumed all the science fiction he could get his hands on.   And the third thing was, well, starting his first educational podcast under the tutelage of Charlie Reisinger.  He later went on to create the long running SciFi Diner Podcast which he co-hosts with Miles P. McLoughlin and M. Sieiro Garcia. He is an avid Star Wars fan of both the films and the extended universe and also is infatuated with J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, and George R. R. Martin.   Being a family man, he watches and reads as much science fiction as that can allow, mostly when running.

DavidBioPicDavid Moulton –
 Horticulturist by trade, florist by hobby, broadcast journalist by career, but above all a passionate conversationalist. David credits his Aunt Ronnie for getting him started as a science fiction lover before he knew any better. Having grown up on a heavy dose of Star Trek and similar shows and books, his enjoyment of the genera only continues to grow. Discovering the Dune series roughly 15 years ago he quickly read through the original series and has been reading the new releases as they come out almost without fail, citing the black sheep of the series God Emperor of Dune as his favorite book. No stranger to the world of podcasting he hosts and produces his own weekly show, The Lancast. Focusing on people making a difference in their community both locally and abroad the show has lead David to many interesting and fun people such as Scott and Jim.

Bio PictureJim Arrowood –  Jim has been teaching K-12 Vocal and Instrumental music at a small school in central Nebraska for fifteen years.  He loves to read, watch movies, and numerous television shows.  Jim came to science fiction at the tender age of ten through watching original series Star Trek while it aired in the late 1960’s.  He came to the Dune universe by first seeing the 1984 film based on the Frank Herbert novel.  He then went on to read all of the Herbert novels; however is just a newcomer to the more recent Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson incarnations.  He comes to podcasting through appearances on The Scifi Diner Podcast as a frequent commentator and guest on the Scifi Diner Rewind show.  He is very excited to be a regular on the Dune Saga Podcast and looking forward to reading all of the novels.  Jim also maintains a sci-fi blog in which is reviews books, films, and other media.  You can read his blog at jimsscifiblog.com or jimsscifi.blogspot.com.



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