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Listener Feedback #12

Lets dive into your discussion on Scifi’s Children of Dune Miniseries!

Listener Feedback #11

Some consider this book a turning point in the series, others think of it as a fitting end to a trilogy. Tune in to hear what our listeners had to say on the subject.

Listener Feedback #10

Our hosts celebrate 1 year of The Dune Saga Podcast by diving into some listener feedback.

Listener Feedback #7

Let’s take a look at what all of you have to say about Paul of Dune and the Dune universe in general in this new episode of our Listener Feedback Show!

Listener Feedback #6

Things get a little ‘spicy’ as our hosts, David, Scott, and Jim are called out by a listener on what is a very valid point. This and much more as we hear your thoughts on David Lynch’s Dune.

Listener Feedback #5

Tune into this prime Listener Feedback Show which includes some firsts for us and a rather interesting section of “Bad Reviews” and all while we tackle the book that started it all, Dune

Listener Feedback #4

We love feedback and in this episode, we look at some good ones from our listeners, possibly the only thing more precious to us than the spice melange.

Listener Feedback #3

In this episode of our Listener Feedback Show, we are honored to listen to and discuss all of the great e-mail and comments we receive from YOU, our faithful listeners. Thanks to all of you who have contributed.

Listener Feedback #2

Welcome faithful listener. You have found the Dune Saga Podcast Listener Feedback Show. In this episode, we read e-mail feedback from you and comment on it as well as take a look at some of the book’s less flattering reviews.

Listener Feedback #1

Listener feedback is growing, and so are we. In this first edition of our Listener Feedback show, we read e-mails from you, our listeners and discuss the excellent points raised by you. As always, we love hearing from you and encourage you to continue to let us know your thoughts on the books we are reading, or on our show.