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    • Ulrik Lund on October 13, 2015 at 3:35 pm
    • Reply

    Hi Dune saga Dudes.

    First of all thanks for a really great podcast and insightfull comments.
    I have been wanting to reread this epic saga for a while, thanks for giving me the opportunity to do so in a condensed version while on my bike.

    I am writing you for a few different reasons.
    1) is there some updating issue with the podcast episodes or have you stopped for other reasons? my RSS feed and the episodes on this site stops with Chapterhouse (in june). but on your facebook page it says “currently” reading Hunters of Dune and that it will be released on 29th july, Am I missing something?

    2) I really like the format an in depth analysis of a fictional universe across multiple volumes, which is so much more than a standard book review. My question is: do you know other podcasts with a similar approach to sci-fi or fantasy Worlds. I would particularly be interested in these Worlds
    Timothy Zahns, Star wars book
    Keven J andersons 7 suns
    analysed and disussed by you Guys or other Fiction Gurus…

    What follows is a Little (but not so short) story about me and Dune

    my own Dune history is very non linear. I read the Original Dune at in my early teens in the early 90’s. I was introduced to the book by one of my friends and sort of understood that the book was a major Work in sci fi.

    I really liked the story, and particularly the austerity of the fremen society fascinated me, but the technology felt a Little dated, and I think a lot of the political and philosophical storylines went a Little over my head so I left the universe after “Dune” with the impression of a nice story but nothing that rocked my World.

    skip 10-15 yrs and insert 20+ Star wars Expanded universe books (including Kevin J’s Jedi Academy series).
    I am at a flea market and in passing some Word on the cover of a book catches my attention… the Word? Harkonnen as in “House Harkonnen” I remeber the Dune book and when I see Keven J Anderson as the author its a no brainer, I give it another chance.
    I come home and read 10 pages find out that it’s book 2 in a series…
    I get the other books and eat it up, and love the books.

    I then go back and read all of the original series (this time in the original Language), and am blown away by the many layers and scope of the story, as stated earlier I probably didn’t quite get it the first time around. Finishing the series with Hunters and sandworms, here I was really surprised how seamless the transition was from Franks books to Kevins and Brians.

    Then the Legends books was published (I think) so I read those and enjoyed the backstory.

    am now working through schools and the other intermediates (Paul and Winds of Dune).

    Now Dune or as I like to Refer to it “The Duniverse” is a central part of my life and the way I think about a lot of Things: ethics, economics, Family relations, filosofi, sustainability and ecology.

    Anyway the Whole point of this long story is that I think the books can be enjoyed in any order (as long as you stay in sequence within each set of books)

    And as a counterpoint to the many negative comments about the new authors…
    For me, I probably never would have returned to the duniverse if not for those books and am forever gratefull for it. are the new books better? I don’t think so but they were what was needed to catch my 20 year old brains attention…

    Thanks for an awesome podcast (hope to hear more like it in the future).
    Ulrik Lund

      • Ulrik Lund on October 13, 2015 at 3:41 pm
      • Reply

      to the please delete this and my previous comment.

      I thought I was writing an email, have now sent the same as an email, sorry for the confusion

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