The Dune Saga Podcast #17: Chapterhouse: Dune

The Honored Matres have returned from the Scattering and are searching for the planet that houses the headquarters for the Bene Geserit called Chapterhouse.  With Rakis destroyed, the Bene Geserit are transforming their planet into a place that will support the all important Sand Worms, the source of the Spice. Miles Teg is needed to help hold off an attack from the Honored Matres, but at only ten years old, he can only be ready of his memories are awakened soon.  While the Bene Geserit work on this, they also plan a preemptive strike to protect their homeworld.  David, Scott, and jim take you into a deep look at Chapterhouse Dune, the last novel in the Dune series penned by Frank Herbert.  Give us a listen and add some “spice” to your life.

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