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The Dune Saga Podcast #19: Sandworms of Dune

Is this the Kwisats Haderach you’ve been looking for?  Listen to this episode in which David, Scott, and Jim take a close look at Sandworms of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.  This novel is intended to finish the story presented in Frank Herberts original Dune series.  So how does it all end? Does the …

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Listener Feedback #16

In this Dune Saga Podcast Listener Feedback show, Join David, Scott, and Jim as they read and respond to your feedback on Hunters of Dune as well as other interesting and fun banter.  We love to hear from our listeners and encourage you to contribute to dunesagapodcast@gmail.com with an e-mail or by recording and sending …

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The Dune Saga Podcast #18: Hunters of Dune

After a bit of a hiatus, the Dune Saga Podcast is back, and do the guys have a show for you!  Following on from the cliffhanger ending in Frank Herbert’s Chapterhouse Dune, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson continued what would have been Frank’s Dune 7 In Hunters of Dune. The no-ship, Ithaca flies through the universe looking for a place …

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Dune in Ten: The Winds of Dune

Didn’t get a chance to read The Winds of Dune or need a refresher? Check out all you need to know in 10 min or less.

The Dune Saga Podcast #12: The Winds of Dune

The face of Dune is changing, and so is everything else in the post Muad’Dib world and there are plots within plots galore in Winds of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Join David, Scott, and Jim as they break it down.

Let’s Talk Dune #1 with Brian Herbert

Join us as we have an in-depth conversation with best selling author Brian Herbert.

The Dune Saga Podcast #9: Paul of Dune

In this episode of the Dune Saga Podcast, our hosts take a close look at this interim story that deals with how Paul handles being Emperor of the known universe as well as an insightful look into his younger life.

The Dune Saga Podcast #6: House Corrino

At the speed of a Guild Heighliner, David, Scott and Jim take you through a discussion of the third and Final book of the Prelude to Dune series, Dune: House Corrino.

The Dune Saga Podcast #5: House Harkonnen

Listen in as our team dissects Dune: House Harkonnen by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. We discuss how the characters have grown since the first book in the Prelude to Dune series and we try to show our prescience and predict what will be taking place in the final book in the series.

The Dune Saga Podcast #4: House Atreides

In this fourth episode of The Dune Saga Podcast, the guys take a close look at Dune: House Atreides. They discuss many aspects of this work by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson including plot points, characters, likes and dislikes, as well as speculate on what future installments may include.