The Dune Saga Podcast #8: David Lynch’s Dune

Join David, Scott and Jim as they pick apart the David Lynch version of Dune.  You might love it, hate it, or be somewhere in between.  We take a look at how the movie has impacted our lives as Dune fans.  We compare it to the original text penned by Frank Herbert.  We ferret out the inconsistencies.  And finally, we try to find the spice in this film.  Thanks for listening and here’s to hoping that Shai Hulud clears your path.

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  1. I called but forgot to say that I have always loved David Lynch’s take on Dune and I have read that Frank Herbert himself thought that this film got the feel and spirit, the strangeness, of the books right. And I agree with him. Lynch’s film is above all, even with its warts – strange and alien, which is why I became to fascinated with it. It turned me on to the books. My life is richer as a science fiction and fantasy fan for it.

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