Listener Feedback #8

What the heck is a Lute anyway?  Well in this episode, David, Scott and Jim not only take a look in the mailbag and read the thoughts of you, the faithful listener, but it seems that Jim will never live down his rant on mistaken musical identity from the Frank Herbert’s Dune Miniseries.  A fun show to record.  We love our listener’s feedback and urge you to send us yours!

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    • Chris on October 5, 2014 at 10:15 pm
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    Hey guys. Great Show. Two quick thoughts:

    1. In watching the miniseries from SciFi, it occurred to me that the casting of some of the Fremen seemed a bit off…Nothing against the ability of the actors…I’m talking about them physically. I mean…this sounds awful…Stilgar was a little paunchy for a guy who lived his entire life in the desert, conserving water at every opportunity. In the book there are several allusions to the “water-fat newcomers” and how “desiccated” the Fremen were as a people. Alec Newmann was already slimmer than most of the troop he was joining…

    2. Yeah, the baliset in the Sci-Fi Dune miniseries was a lute…have you seen the one from the Lynch version? It was left on the cutting room floor, but some of the extended versions have included Gurney’s scene. That instrument is actually a modified Chapman Stick (a tapped hybrid electric Bass/Guitar used by players like Tony Levin…)

    3. I lied. Third thought. Minus 100 points to Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson for the name Bludd in Paul of Dune. I mean, we couldn’t come up with something that is less “hardy boys bad guy” than that? I mean, I audibly groaned while reading when we were first introduced to the character. From that point on I thought of him as some sort of pulp pirate. “Arrgh! Aye, Captain Bludd!”

    Keep up the good work…

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