Dune Saga Podcast #29: Dune News & Discussion

Filming has wrapped on the new Dune movie and the internet is exploding with rumors that a major character is being gender-bent! David, Scott, and Jim have combed the internet and discuss their findings. Join us for this edition of Dune News and Discussion that includes the proper pronunciation of Villeneuve!

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    • Trev Carpenter on September 24, 2019 at 11:21 pm
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    For over several years I have enjoyed your podcasts as I myself have gone through the books myself. A little different than maybe some of your members of this community is that I did my readying, listening, and watching of this saga while traveling on multiple deployments with the Navy and Marines. You have been my companions of the page as each month I would tune back into hear your banter and insights and my one regret is that I have not been up to real time with your podcasts. As of today (Sept. 24, 2019) I am all but your most recent podcast, so after 6ish years of trailing your footsteps (non-rhythmic of course as to not attract unwanted worms!) I am finally caught up and hope to participate in real time discussion.

    I can only imagine the length of work you men put up with and I must say in the choir of so many others, thank you for your time, your online friendship and may you continue to do such great work! May Shai Hulud clear the path for you in the future!

    In your corner,
    Trev Carpenter

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