Dune Saga Podcast #27: Dune 2020 Movie News

Once again, David, Scott, and Jim are back with yet more 2020 Dune Movie news. In this episode, our intrepid DSP crew explore the question, will we finally get the Dune Movie we fans deserve. There seems to be some differing opinions on the answer to this one. Also, it was announced how Stellan Skarsgård will be attired as the Baron Harkonnen. You won’t want to miss the discussion about Frank Herbert’s ideas on how religion and science relate, and finally , a little news about how Josh Brolin seems to be stirring up a little trouble by (supposedly) revealing spoilers about the upcoming film.

Tune in and listen as we bring you the latest news from the upcoming Duniverse!  May Shai Hulud clear the path before you!

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