Dec 20

The Dune Saga Podcast #2: The Machine Crusade

The Machine CrusadeYou are invited to join David, Scott, and Jim as we take a close look at Dune: The Machine Crusade, the second in the Legends of Dune trilogy by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.  We discuss our favorite plot points, the growth and development of the characters, and reveal some of our favorite quotes from the book.  We also read and comment on past reviews, give our own ratings, as well as read and comment on your feedback.  We also talk about what we are expecting in the final book in the series, Dune: The Battle of Corrin .  Please feel free to read along with us and send us your comments at dunesagapodcast.com, email us at dunesagapodcast@gmail.com, call in to our listener line at 1-888-508-4343.  You can also follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dunesagapodcast, and/or follow us on Twitter at @dunesagapodcast.


  1. Felipe Manriquez

    great guys!!!!

    1. David Moulton

      Thanks Felipe!

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