Category: Completion of Dune

Nov 06

The Dune Saga Podcast #19: Sandworms of Dune Play in new window | Download Is this the Kwisats Haderach you’ve been looking for?  Listen to this episode in which David, Scott, and Jim take a close look at Sandworms of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.  This novel is intended to finish the story presented in Frank Herberts original Dune series.  So …

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Oct 24

The Dune Saga Podcast #18: Hunters of Dune Play in new window | Download After a bit of a hiatus, the Dune Saga Podcast is back, and do the guys have a show for you!  Following on from the cliffhanger ending in Frank Herbert’s Chapterhouse Dune, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson continued what would have been Frank’s Dune 7 In Hunters of Dune. The no-ship, Ithaca flies …

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